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Daily Program

The following is a general schedule for the center. Each department has a more detailed schedule for the class. 

6:30 am   Arrival and free play 

8:00 am   Breakfast Time 

8:15 am   Morning Meeting/Greeting

8:30 am Planning/Centers/Small groups

9:00 am  Outdoor Play

9:30 am  Read-Aloud/Restroom/Snack

10:00 am  Centers/small Groups 

10:50 am   Read-Aloud/Restroom 

11:00 am  Outdoor Play

11:30 pm  Lunch

12:00 pm  Relaxation Time 

1:30 pm   Waking up /Restroom 

2:00 pm   Read-Aloud /Snack

2:30 pm  Closing Circle

3:00 pm  Outdoor Play 

4:00 pm   Table Play/Dismissal 

"Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is  necessity.

Kay Redfield-Jamison



  • Tour of Center (appointment only)

  • Enrollment Application Form 

  • Free and Reduce Application Form

  • Payment Contract

  • Childcare Assistance Program 

  • Immunization Sheet 

  • Parent Handbook


Infants ( 6wks-12months)

Our infants classroom develops the strong foundations necessary for healthy development. Our teachers work hard to ensure the children are learning and growing in a nurturing environment to prepare them for the years ahead. The infant class follows the Frog street Curriculum. 

Toddlers ( 13months- 36months)

Our toddler classes are always hard at working learning through their everyday play. With an emphasis on social-emotional skills, children are learning and exercising independence in decision-making and problem-solving with the guidance of their teachers and peers. The toddler class follow Frog Street Curriculum to ensure children are learning and developing in a manner that sets them up for success.

Pre-K 3 ( 3yrs- 4yrs)

Our Pre-K class is learning to love learning by using hands-on interest based methods to understand basic concepts. With greater emphasis on social-emotional,  more independent decision-making and problem solving with the guidance of their teacher and peers. The Pre-K 3 class follows the Frog Street Pre-K 3 Curriculum to ensure the children are learning and developing.

Pre-K 4 (Public school LA-4 Class)

Our Pre-K4 class is getting school ready and having a blast dong it! This class is learning by hands on methods to understand concepts in literacy, mathematics, science ,social studies and art. This Pre-K 4 class follows DIGS by Frog Street. Your must register for this class through the TPSS and your has be age 4 before September 30.

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